Приглашенный профессор

Приглашенный профессор

13 aпреля 2018

Событие 09:45 - 14:30
Событие МГЛУ

Dame Karen Hewitt, Professor of Oxford University, UK

День смеха в МГЛУ

Students and Faculties are kindly invited to lectures and workshops of Dame Karen Hewitt, Professor of Oxford University, UK.

Schedule of lectures and workshops


945 – Adam and Eve and Milton and YOU! (ауд. А-507)

1115 –  Britain and Brexit – why it happened and what this means for Britain, the EU and beyond. (ауд. Б-402)

1430 – Consultation. (ауд. В-215)



1115 –   Trends in English contemporary literature. (ауд. В-403)



945 – A talk about  Jane Austen, Charlotte Bronte, George Eliot. (ауд. В-403)

1115– How the past has changed in Britain and why it will go on changing’ (In this talk I have in mind the huge difference between the histories of Russia and Belarus and the history of Britain. Why so different – and why do the British think of the world as we do?). (ауд. В-302)